The Darkest Hour Alpha Version 0.3.1

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Released: Feb 6, 2014
Updated: Feb 7, 2014 by RyanTwohey
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Release Notes

The Darkest Hour
Alpha 0.3.1


• Fixed a bug that caused your character to not "un-equip" an item behind the scenes when you sell it if it was equipped

The Darkest Hour
Alpha 0.3


• Random numbers for items are now generated from one location. Should help some RNG issues people experienced
• Pay to swap out affixes on items (it will randomly choose what affix to add to and what amount, but you choose which basic one to remove)
• Energy boosting skill/spell (the number 1, one) had the energy it gives you increased to 250 from 200.
• You can view your equipped items separate from your inventory. However, to manage them you still have to go to your inventory. This is just meant as a quick look at what you have equipped
• You now lose your combat turn after using a potion
• Increased the magnitude of scaled mobs for levels 10 and up
• Added loot for levels 11 to 15


• You now have to build a ladder to get out of the jail cell in the hidden part of the bandit cave
• Added the Sewer King to the game!


• Fixed a bug that caused new characters to spawn without their starting weapon equipped
• Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash when changing locations
• Fixed the description text for the Storage Room

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